About the author

Poet at war with the world…especially liberals, conservatives, libertarians, those who sit on the fence, the “normals”, the utterly insane psychiatric community, those who have never heard voices whispering to them not even their own, the politically correct, kiddie porn, fagots and dyke’s needing to join an army to basically kill gays and lesbians and children on the other side of the world(I’m tri-sexual  myself), PETA and the asinine ASPCA(I am the founder and sole member of IETL, Individual for the Ethical Treatment to the Living,  and the ASPCA, Associate for the Prevention of  Cruelty to Anything). I am also violently opposed to nihilists who have never left home, individual anarchists who have never done shit and, most assuredly, I am at war with vegetarians, who have never gone three weeks without food…when they were children.


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